Is it worth the struggle?

Is it worth the struggle? … Absolutely, Yes!

I accept myself with all of my limitations.  I do the best I can with what I’ve got and I know that recovery is not only making progress, it is one step.  Making progress is simple, but not easy.  It requires commitment and a single-minded sustained determination to overcome obstacles and improve.  Doing anything to try to make a change is positive.  The simple act of making a steady effort is making progress.  I have learned that this has got to be enough for me, on a daily basis.

Every morning, I get a new opportunity to be better than I was yesterday.  I put a lot of small accomplishments together and find that I’ve realized a huge goal.  My ability to reintegrate into the mainstream is a product of many small accomplishments tied together in a neat bundle.  I work very hard every day, to live as well as I can.

At the beginning of my talk I asked, “Does Anyone Live Free from Suffering and Loss?

I know that I don’t.  My life has taught me that I was not singled out for the terrible misfortunes that I’ve experienced.  That insight alone doesn’t eliminate of minimize my problems.  Instead, it reduces the suffering that comes from struggling with the unfortunate facts of my life.

I wish things were different, but they are not.  All I can do is the best that I can and allow myself to enjoy and be proud of the progress I make on a daily basis.  This is also all I can expect of others.

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