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On the sports field or on the field of life…hard work makes your dream work! Whether at school, sports, play or at a summer job…being your best…means working hard to do your best! Join Coach Q…a special needs coach with different abilities…as he helps his little friends Franky Football, Sydney Soccer, Bobby Basketball, Billy Baseball and Harry Hockey learn to be their own personal best in sports, school and life!

Developing True Grit will help you;

Develop the discipline to persevere in life.                                                      

Understand why naturally talented people frequently fail.                                         

Build a foundation for improving your well-being.                                                     

Find constructive ways to overcome fear in your life.                                               

Learn how to create a grit routine.

Uncover proven tips for developing a positive attitude.                                           


It’s not human nature to be great. It’s human nature to survive, to be average and do what you have to do to get by. That is normal. When you have something good happen, it’s the special people that can stay focused and keep paying attention to detail, working to get better and not being satisfied with what they have accomplished.

By understanding what The Quadfather believes to be the most important mental and behavioral practices for building the grit and character needed to achieve the unthinkable, each and every one of us can individually set out to achieve our wildest aspirations.

This book is focused on teaching you how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from being the best version of you and from living the richest life you can live.
Within these covers, it is my goal to help you learn new ways to succeed in spite of the UPS and DOWNS that life can sometimes throw in our path. I want you to know that you can RISE UP after your setbacks and be better than ever as a result.
This book is written with the express purpose of helping you create your best life! Join me as we get there together.

In the pages of Godly Men Make Godly Fathers!  You will meet fathers from diverse upbringings and family structures.  You will meet men who have endured significant tests to their faith and tragedy and others who have experienced great triumphs. These fathers will take you on a heartfelt journey. Each chapter tackles a unique viewpoint and is written with unconditional faith and love.

Even though The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood and UP Getting UP is the key to Life sold over 1000 copies and spent time as an Amazon Bestseller, I must admit my mission was incomplete. There were still fathers struggling, still dads with questions, and still men with inspiring stories to share.

A collection of fathers from across the globe share and implement lessons they learned through their Christian faith to encourage fathers, sons, and families.  In this book these men share their Christian values in hopes of spreading the message of joy, love, and family that transcends race, cultures, and generations.

A Story of Inspiration 
Hope and Insight into the Extraordinary Live of an Ordinary Man Living as a C5/6 Quadriplegic.

CHICAGO – Thirty-four years ago, Chicagoan Brian Swift’s neck was broken while playing football with his friends on the sunny, chilly day after Christmas, 1979, at the age of seventeen. As he found the courage and strength to recover, graduate from high school, earn his college degree, and earn his Juris Doctor degree as a quadriplegic, he also found his purpose: to achieve more than expected, and to aspire to the best he can be.

Up: Getting Up is the Key to Life is the creation of the author in which he shares his personal paradigm for mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery and facing the challenges of life as quadriplegic. It is the author’s hope to inspire those with similar injuries and give hope to their medical caregivers, family, and loved ones.
About the Author. He instructs that recovery consists of healing the mind, not just the body and that recovery is a journey, not destination.  For more than 34 years, Brian P. Swift has lived as a C6 quadriplegic and was nominated by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation as one of the Top Ten Dads on Wheels in 2013.

The father of three adopted children and a husband of over 24 years, Brian developed his strategy of success, CIA: Commitment, Integrity, and Attitude.  With his engaging style and practical wisdom, Brian will leave you invigorated to face your own struggles with hope, faith, and purpose! Learn more at brianpswift.com

T3B Table Top Therapy Bags – $25
Great wheelchair workout or exercise while sitting!
Table Top Therapy Bags can be used to strengthen arms, shoulders, body core, heart, lungs and balance. A punching bag can build strength in muscles throughout your vertical body core including the neck, chest and abs. The longer you continue the punching bag workout, the greater the cardiovascular training you’ll receive. The constant stream of arm punches that you throw when using a bag is particularly effective for working the wrist, arms, shoulders and toning the triceps and biceps

Contact Brian at soar@soarnonprofit.com

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