Swift Outdoor Accessible Recreation, SOAR, would like to thank you for your very generous
donations to support our vision, dreams and SOAR’s programs. Through the grace and goodness of your continued support, SOAR is able to open up the wonderful therapeutic experiences for those who are disabled. I believe it is important that you see some of the people, equipment and accessible opportunities we are able to provide for those in need thanks to your support. This is just a sample of the people SOAR assists. We are looking forward to finishing the year strong and by provide more outdoor opportunities. This is a great way to roll into Christmas and then into the new year.
Have a great day and God bless.
Brian Swift
Mentoring and fellowship

Helping our 4 or 3 legged friends

Community outreach


Sponsoring events and athletes Dare2tri and raise funds to support our programs and athletes.


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