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DAD – Disability Awareness Days

A show and tell demonstration of what its like to be disabled.  Spending an hour or an entire day give people a perspective on what its like to be disabled
People with and without disabilities face many obstacles and over time this wears on a person’s self worth.  Learning how to advocate for yourself builds confidence and self esteem. When this happens, obstacles that once seemed overwhelming become manageable issues.  Getting to this point takes practice, but once you are there you realize that you will be able to GET UP every time you are knocked down.

Too many people in the able-bodied community, especially the medical professionals, are unaware of the needs that exists with those who have disabilities. It is critical that we bridge the gap between the able body and the disabled to see things from another person’s perspective. For example understanding that many quadriplegics are different and most cannot stand, the need and use of a sliding board as well as the general understanding of the needs of a person with disabilities.


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