Why Invent The Wheel

WHY reinvent the wheel, when it already exists, this can be a total drain of your energy. If you want to improve the wheel great, but be smart enough to know certain things in life were already figured out by mentors and masters.

In my personal studies of highly successful and fulfilled men, I have found one common ingredient. Almost every single one of them gets up early. And when I say early, I mean an hour where most would think that’s crazy especially for someone with a disability.

But I personally feel…”It is more crazy to play small, stay stuck, and never challenge your true potential of who you were born to be”.

Getting up is one thing, but what you do once you are up is where the magic happens.

You must create RITUALS that contribute to you Rising UP with Passion, Power and Purpose.

It is essential to get your body moving, get your blood flowing and get more oxygen to your brain.

WHY? Because…as a man the more physically healthy and vibrant you feel, the more energy you will have to dominate your day.

Your mind will do everything in its power to sabotage your day. But if you get your body moving, and your blood flowing and you install healthy rituals, you will have greater mental clarity and focus than you can imagine.

Here is a typical morning in my life:

5:10am…The alarm goes off, get up Swifty, work with Monica getting me dressed so I could get out of bed before my mind negotiates for more sleep

5:45am…Thank God for all my blessings

6:00am…Kiss my wife, tell her I love her, and get in my van

6:05am…Leave the house for work

7:00am…Get to work early

7:10am…Eat a protein bar or shake

7:15am…Mentally get my game plan ready for the day

If you are not someone who gets up early with Rituals that lead to growth, I challenge you to do this for 30 straight days and see what impact it has on you.

It will have a positive impact on your Finances, Health, Relationship, Marriage and Career.

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